Australian Standerds 4349.3

Aussie Spect Inspections will provide you with a report which complies with the Australian Standers 4349.3 for Timber Pest inspections in an easy to real formal.

The inspector will also telephone you after the inspection to provide a verbal report of any findings.

Our reports can be emails/faxed/posted to you normally within 24 hours after the inspection has been carried out.

We are fully insured for piece of mind and our inspections are highly experience and qualified.

Pest Inspections in Melbourne

The purpose of a pest inspection when buying or selling a property is for a non-invasive inspection of all visible and accessible areas and timbers. The pest inspector focuses on termites (white ants), borers of dry seasoned timbers, fungal decay (wood rot) and conducive conditions (things that make the property more attractive to timber pests).

It is important to get professional pest and termite inspections for your Melbourne home. These small creatures can do big damage to buildings. This damage is usually not covered by your home and contents insurance, meaning you can get stung with a big bill. Because purchasing a home is one of the largest investments you are likely to make during your lifetime, it is essential that you understand the precise condition of the property. A pest and termite inspector from Aussie Spect will be able to identify any areas of concern so you can make an informed decision.

They can also be a source for disease and have a significant impact on your health. Both insects and rodents are famous for carrying a range of viruses and diseases which is why it’s essential they are located and removed.

The inspection covers all accessible areas including:

  • External Areas (walls, roof cavity, eaves, gutters, retaining walls, driveways etc.
  • garaging
  • Outbuildings (e.g. sheds etc)
  • Subfloor area (where the subfloor area is accessible)
  • Internal Areas
  • Roof Cavity

If you would like to make a booking for a pest and termite inspection in Melbourne then simply give us a call today on 0404089840 or 1300 364151. We are more than happy to answer any of your questions.