Don’t buy a lamon!

When making one of the important financiald decision of your lifeyou need to be able to relay on a professional who is there to ok after your interests.Our Inspector are truly independent and not affected the emotion atteched to purchessing a property.

The ain of a pest and building inspection to arms the purchesser with the information required to make an informed decision. We only supply unbaised and accurate reports amd are there to assist buyers to put the results of the report into context.

Aussie Spect Inspections is a specialist pest and bilding company. We don’t carry out pest treatment or repairs like many of our compatitors. Therefore you can be assured of accurate and unbaised advice, because we are not triny to sell you other add on services. We are focuse on supplying the best reporting service available.

Subterranean termites are pose a major threat to dwelling and other vital infrastructure throughout victoria according to report released by CSIRD Forestry and Forest Products (CFFP) scientist , Jim Cerffield

Mr Creffield saays that in order to effectively manage the pest, all municipalities state -wide must immedistely be termie declared’ The annual cost repair damage to timber -in-service caused by termites in victoria has been estimated to be in excess to $200 million. Read more…