Australian Standerds 4349.3

Aussie Spect Inspections will provide you with a report which complies with the Australian Standers 4349.3 for Timber Pest inspections in an easy to real formal.

The inspector will also telephone you after the inspection to provide a verbal report of any findings.

Our reports can be emails/faxed/posted to you normally within 24 hours after the inspection has been carried out.

We are fully insured for piece of mind and our inspections are highly experience and qualified.


Building Inspections in Melbourne

The purpose of a building inspection is to compare the building and materials with those of a similar age and type of construction. For most people buying a home is the most significant purchase of their lives. Not only is it significantly expensive, it is also a long term investment which will increase in value over decades.

Our house inspections in Melbourne assesses the universal health of a property. It identifies areas of potential future problems and ensures that you don’t purchase a property that requires serious repairs. A certified building inspector from AussieSpect will be able to help you understand the exact condition of the property in simple terms, so you know exactly what you might purchase.

We compare the building with that of a similar age and construction (which has been maintained appropriately). We report on any immediate maintenance and repair issues and include photographs of any relevant findings. We will also report on the potential future maintenance issues that may be apparent at the time of the inspection which may affect the building in the foreseeable future.

The inspection covers all accessible areas including:

  • External Areas (walls, roof line, eaves, gutters, retaining walls, driveways etc.
  • garaging
  • Outbuildings (e.g. sheds etc)
  • Subfloor area (where the subfloor area is accessible)
  • Internal Areas
  • Roof Cavity

If you require an expert building and pest inspection service in Melbourne then give us a call at AussieSpect on 0404089840 or 1300364151. We can provide you with a thorough report at an affordable price.